Here is such a surprise for my relatives and friends who will be visiting me on my way to work today — Greetings in the form of soap, toys, books and a box of G.I. Journeys!My daughter will definitely like this idea. It is interesting that a box of soap and a box of toys is shown in the magazine. My mom really wanted to buy, but there was no money issue. So we decided to buy something extra well presented. And also read the magazine. At the end of the article, there was a message from a saleswoman who asked to be identified only by her first name. The person was asked to give her the amount of the gift. I mom's house rules. I gave the amount as soon as I saw the photo. The result was a lot of happiness and understanding. The idea was immediately put together by my daughter, who is 3 months old. She looks at the box with joy and curiosity. I also wanted to collect a gift set, but I decided that it would not be easy for my daughter to simply pack a gift the size of a box and leave it on the table. photo of the author Next, the image was used to create a mini-set. The set was made in a narrow ribbon. My daughter was happy to look for such items, even brought them of the authorThe image set included books, magazines, tapes, pencils. I wanted to make them look attractive. It turns out that such toys are actually made in the magazine "Amateur".photo of the authorMy daughter was happy to look for such things. I think collectors will appreciate such items. I will definitely make them myself. I think it will be a pleasure to look for such surprises at the store. Dear readers, what surprises do you have in common? Do you collect gifts or do you prefer collectables?