Farm Cider

20160715_153103.jpgIt made quite a bit of sense for us to start making cider- aside from a fermentation obsession we seem to have on the farm, we grow a lot of apples. A lot. And really there is only so much patience reserved for peeling apples for pies…

7th generation farmer, Matt is also our cider master (not to mention handyman, back-up kitchen crew, moral support and spider remover), his grandfather and father unknowingly set him up by planting our trees back in the day. 20160715_095948.jpg

All of our apples are hand-picked and graded, pressed here at the farm and then fermented until it passes the taste test. It’s bottled, labelled and polished (note the white gloves in the picture) before it heading out to market: Currently available on Saturday at the Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market and Kingston Farmers Market or the Queen Square Farmers Market in St John on Sunday.

Current Cider Menu

20160715_085013.jpegSemi-Dry Cider: Clean and crisp with a pleasant apple flavour. Lightly sweetened to create a perfect balance. Made from our hand picked premium apples. Pairs nicely with roasted chicken, local green salad & quiche, salty snacks and your favourite sporting event.

Strong Cider: Drinks smoothly and is made the old fashioned way, slow fermented, naturally clarified over time with our premium hand picked apples. Enjoy it on its own or with your favourite pork dish, also pairs nicely with seafood and pizza.

Hopped Cider: This cider is dry-hopped to give it floral notes with a hint of citrus on the nose and a hit of passion fruit on the palate. Pairs nicely with salty nibbles like pretzels and cashews or a good steak frites.20160715_100036.jpg

Black Currant Cider: This cider is delightfully unique and refreshing. It’s rich flavours come from slow fermentation and lees aging. Great on it’s own, or pair it up with your favourite cheese. A staff favorite!