Every child can make a postcard with their own hands. This card was made by my daughter and was made by us ourselves. It has a size of 9*10 cm. We made it out of paper for scrapbooking's. We have 2 pieces. First, they put it on the cardboard, and then we cut it out. paper, cardboard, felt, and pencils of the desired size and color.We will make a postcard for March 8 in half a day'swork. We have everything in a frame. You can take it with you on weekends.We make a loop in the middle. From the second piece, we make a loop for the postcard's edge.From all the pieces, we make a loop that will go around the loop in a circle.We glue it to the postcard. It is now your opportunity to make a postcard out of paper! We have gathered all this material and we will make a cool card postcard for March 8.We will make a loop in the middle of the postcard's edge.We glue the loop to the postcard.The other half of the postcard is hidden inside a bag. We have already made a bag for our daughter's room, so the child canress freely when they meet. So the postcard is also not hidden inside a bag. It will be a great gift, hidden inside a beautiful bag. Postcard to our daughter on March 8.Thank you for reading the other half of this article. We wish you every success and time to spend with your children and favorite things shaped like this cool postcard.