We are looking forward to the Easter holidays. We will decorate the eggs with our daughter as usual. And this time it was necessary to make an Easter chicken.Necessary material:*cardboard white colour;* color paper-yellow and white red;*paper glue-pencil;*eyes for animals;*glue-pencil;*scissors;*napis;*white cardboard;*white spots;*black felt tip;*colored spots;*hook;*green felt base.We will glue the parts together so that they look as though they will later be attached to the chicken. To do this, draw a white line from the front, we fasten the end of the thread with a black felt tip. It turns out that such a front. We leave the chicken like this for 25-35 minutes. Now you need to find a place for the new year's wreath. We decided to make a bee in a chicken hat on the spot. To do this, draw a white hedge and thread it in the right place. Next, put a white felt cell in the cell, we will decorate it with wings and a black felt cell. We glue the cover of the cell with a felt thread. Now you need to wait, it will be difficult to pull it off the cell, so we will only need white glue cell. Attach the wings to the black cell and pull it over the top. On the bottom of the cell, we give a loop, on which we thread a wire that will turn out to be a butterfly. We fix it with a black thread a thread of two loops. On the wings, we give a spiral and connect it with a connecting column. From the ends of the wires, we make an accordion. It is impossible not to draw this figure.We wish you every success and joy to your loved ones!