The Big Move

We have officially moved into our new spot at the Fredericton Farmers Market! Over the past few years, we have received an overwhelming amount of support from the buy local community and need some additional space. You only realize how much space you don’t have right around the Christmas season, when there are 3 people serving out of a 6 foot by 3 foot space.

The good folks running the Market noticed and gave us a new opportunity- literally around the corner. Our new location is in the New Building, across from Chef Rick’s restaurant stage seating. Our new neighbours are Elke’s BBQ and Route 102 Handmade Goods- all of us hailing from Queens County!

Matt did all of the carpentry, with some construction help from his dad and mom- and we can’t forget Darcy, who helped paint the Fuzzy Duckling Yellow on the wall… If you like what you see, give Matt a high five, slap on the back or a fist pump-it took him a solid week, with another day or 2 of tweaking to come.

In case you need help finding us, check out the video below. Please note, we are not filmmakers.

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