Kitchen Position

Our kitchen crew is looking for someone to help us out with dishes to start and ideally grow into a full time food prep/ packager. We are saying good-bye to a key team person in September and are looking to train her replacement.

Please forward resumes to You will be asked to come and work with us for a day (paid) and then we will decide as a team whether or not we offer a position. Start date is immediately with part-time hours on Tuesdays and Fridays. Position will be posted until May 12.

Experience is not as important as attitude, willingness to learn/listen, and punctuality!

Here’s the deal (but not limited to):
-Sweeping, Mopping
-Taking out garbages
-Lifting up to 20KG
-Loading for markets
-Putting away deliveries
-Peeling vegetables and other minor food prep

This list is what we need currently, as you establish yourself in the kitchen with attitude and work ethic, responsibilities will be added and hours (expect to work weekends) will increase- along with your wage. Minimum wage to start.

Increased responsibilities may include:
Going to market, learning basic baking and food prep, packaging….it’s up to you really….

This is intense, on-your-feet work and is not necessarily suited to everyone.

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