GFF is going on the road!

Well, another hectic season is just about to finish up and we have to say it’s been a great year- a little different than years previous, but this year I think we’ve learned a few new lessons about ourselves, our business and our customers, and we are looking forward to carrying this into 2014. We have also learned that we need to be re-invigorated with a bit of a break off of the farm- so we are going away. Far away. For a month. TO EUROPE!!!!!!

On December 21st, after the last market before Christmas, we are headed to Strasbourg (Alsace), France. After speaking to a few of our customers, we decided we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check out the Christmas markets in the region. If you want to take a look, check it out here and here. We are headed to Germany for New Years Eve, then onto the Netherlands, Brecey (Normandy, France) and finally Paris!

I could go on for bytes and bytes of how excited we are and what is on the to-do list, but I’ll restrain myself and give you the details that may be more pertinent to you….

Although we won’t be at market, we have not abandoned you entirely Dec 28 we will be entirely absent, after that Matthew’s parents (Greg & MaryLou) will be there for us. We will have our usual apples, carrots, cider, preserves, and soup (frozen). The baking will be limited to cookies and maybe some pies. There will be no bread cabinet or loaf breads until we get back. We apologize profusely, but we have yet to come up with an option for bread when we are away – a machine perhaps….?

Thank you for your understanding in advance and if we don’t see you in the next 9 days:

Happy Holidays from Gagetown Fruit Farm!!

9 thoughts on “GFF is going on the road!

  1. I haven’t had a chance to come in yet…but I was interested in some of your breads. Organic flour? Our house is not celiac, but there must be a preservative in flour that is a problem. Organic flour fixes the problem.

    • I haven’t found an organic flour that will work with my sourdough starter- we’ve tried Speerville and a few others, they all have got the thumbs down. We use Stoneground, unbleached flour from Dover (which comes out of Halifax).Sorry we couldn’t have been more helpful!

  2. So…should I make arrangements for picking up tomatoes on the 14th or the 21st? Or is it even still possible? I am interested if you have them, and will like to know how much they will cost. I realize we missed each other earlier in the season, and I apologize for that. If it’s still do-able, let me know, and I will be over!
    P.S. The cider was a huge hit at the Jewellery Christmas party. I added just cinnamon sticks, and it was lovely out of the crock pot. 🙂

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