Hello Gang!

We have great news- dates for harvesting your crops!
ADOPT AN APPLE TREE: Paula Reds are ready right now, Lobos will be ready for the weekend with a 2 week harvest date. McIntosh trees will be ready the 21st to start picking with a 2 week harvest window. Cortland and Red Delicious should be started October 5th. Any changes, we will keep you posted….
Matt’s dad, Greg, will be on the farm Saturdays between 10 and 2 to take you to your trees. If you wish to pick your apples outside of this, please let us know when you are coming as there is alot going on this time of year and we would like to make sure that we are on site to greet you!
Harvesting apples earlier in their picking time frame will ensure them to keep longer, picking them later will have them sweeter with a shorter storage life. Re-useable cloth shopping bags generally hold half of a bushel of apples, although we will have plastic bags available if need be.
PLANT A PUMPKIN: Pumpkins will be harvested on October 20th- during our yearly HarvestFest event.

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