A banner day for Plant-a-Pumpkin!!!

Well… Where do we begin!? It was a beautiful day in Gagetown to have our event yesterday, nice and calm and a decent temperature. We were slated to start at 12PM and we had cars coming in the driveway full of families raring to go!! For us it was pretty much 4 hours of almost controlled chaos- it was great fun!

We had plenty of our market customers (and a few vendors!) come out for a visit- and a ton of new smiling faces. The barn was full of people registering for pumpkins, getting some farm-made ice cream or chowing on some food in the restaurant for the better part of the day.

There were, in fact, enough of you that we had to call Matt’s sister, Rebecca, in from around the block and work the cash register for us and she was in the middle of baking bread!! On top of that, Jess (of the amazing granola company- York County Granola) ended up serving tables- including her own… Her husband, Serge, also got into the act and help cut more wooden stakes for pumpkins- as Matt had to go till more of the garden because there were so many Pumpkineers!!!

Marie (our super-awesome representative, and the best employee ever, that has been at market for us the past few weeks) and Audrey (honorary crew member) had their rocket boots on and spent 4 hours running circles in the barn, while Matt’s mom, MaryLou was the lovely lady planting pumpkins with you all day and his dad, farmer Greg got to where his favorite straw hat and drove the wagon all day. And Daniel, our best apple cider customer and new staffer, was pulled into any spot that we needed him- plant carrier, planter, dishes, cleanup guy…. We all finished the day with tired smiles and either some ice cream or bread (depending on who you were…).

We can’t thank you, our friends, customers and hard workers, enough for making this such a successful event! It was an amazing day and we can’t wait for the next one.

We ended up with an astounding 127 pumpkins planted, and roughly 400 people attend. Pictures added when I get a second!

2 thoughts on “A banner day for Plant-a-Pumpkin!!!

  1. Well done – indeed! Congratulations. It is obvious you have been able to create and participate in communities that enjoy your support and being able to support you. That says a lot about the high quality of your business – but it says even more about your attitudes, work ethic and outlook – all good things is the message we get! Again, congratulations.

    • Thank you Laskey Collective! You are always generous with your praise in your writings- I just hope we can try to live up to it!

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