Help a homeless apple???!!!

market stall

I guess we never really explained the reason for wanting to adopt out apple trees….

Many of the older generation farmers grew up growing their crops and selling them to a main distributor. The distributor is exactly what you would expect- they decided how much they paid you and they decide where it was going. This is not a system that we voluntarily want to be a part of- so here’s where we stand: we have a market for “fresh eating apples” that uses up about 1/4 of what we produce. We process as much of them as we can, turning them into apple cider, apple pies, vinegar, etc, but there are so many of them!!

We want our apples to stay local, not end up in a bin “somewhere in the Maritimes.” We want our customers to talk to us about how their braised pork and apples turned out, ask about the crunchiest apple right now, which is best for pies or to reminisce about the apples they used to pick when they were a child… So. Our apples, right now, are considered to have no home. Hence our “Help a Homeless Apple” campaign: adopt an apple tree.

We have come up with a few different adoption plans, both are available in payment plans- just ask:

1- You adopt the tree and pick it yourself

$80 until June 16, then $100

2- You adopt a tree, we pick it and bring a bag of apples a week for you at market. We’ll guarantee 40 weeks of apples, so the price tag is a little heftier. This will go on a voucher system- you don’t have to stick with one variety of apples, you can choose week to week. This is more of an apple CSA idea…


14 thoughts on “Help a homeless apple???!!!

  1. This sounds like a great idea! I have two questions, though. Concerning Option 1, (and I know this might be hard to answer for certain), approximately how many pounds of apples are typical per tree? Concerning Option 2, if we happen to be away for a week, can we make up for it the next week? Thanks!

    • Thanks for your inquiry! For option 1: We guarantee 4 bushel of apples which is 160 lb, but it really depends on the tree. Matt and his dad have seen some trees yield 6-8. Option 2: We are completely flexible- if you want to have all 40 weeks of your apples at once, that’s fine or if you want to save a few weeks worth of vouchers for a Holiday or get together, also cool. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

  2. Sounds good – I would be interested in Option 2 because I don’t have the cold storage space to have too much at once. So how would I make arrangements to get them in Saint John on a weekly basis?

    • Currently we travel to the Fredericton area as our main customer base. We are hoping to get more interest from your area, but are hesitant to give you an exact drop off scenario right now. We are entertaining doing a monthly drop off or bi-weekly, but as our project has just began, it’s hard to forecast. We are always available at the Farm as a pick-up option. Our campaign is available until we start harvesting, so hopefully we’ll have an easier and better option for you! Again, thanks for your interest- we truly appreciate it and let us know if there are anymore questions!

  3. Heather,

    Can you just keep my name on file? And I’ll keep checking in with you. If something can be worked out for Saint John then we’ll go ahead. I’ll keep mentioning it too to everyone I know. Have you thought about the Queen Square Market here in the city? It starts tomorrow and goes every second Sunday – there is a huge turn-out – that’s why the organizers have had to change it from monthly to by-weekly. But it may be a venue for you – even one time to have a stall and make some connections. There is a facebook page for the Market. Anyway – just a suggestion – not that you need anymore! But the Market may be the one place where interested customers would be shopping. Good luck. Thanks for writing back.


    • Hi Jayne-
      We will definately keep your name on file! We were talking to a friend of ours who just started going to St John this Sunday, we’ll get more info from her at our market on Saturday.

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