Plant-A-Pumpkin 2013

Pumpkin patch

    Our third annual Plant-a-Pumpkin is fast approaching!! Sunday, May 19th is the big day from 12-4. After last years successful pumpkin-growing endeavor, we have started pumpkin plants to help your pumpkin along. We have a limited number of plants, so make sure you come early!

Getting ready to orange up!

    Plant a Pumpkin is a fairly simple process: you come on out to our farm in the Village of Gagetown and hand over a hard earned five dollar bill- we also accept hard earned toonies, loonies, quarter, dimes and nickles. And pennies. But only rolled pennies… You receive a Plant-a-Pumpkin package which includes a plant (or a seed), a stake to decorate and put your name to claim your pumpkin and a few various other items.
    We take care of your plant/ pumpkin until the fall- at which time we will host a pig roast (HarvestFest) and you will be invited back to harvest one pumpkin off of your plant. Some folks have come to visit their pumpkin, to see how it’s coming along or to weed it- that is completely up to you!

peek a boo pumpkin

        We’ve also come up with a fun idea for those of you not so pumpkin-inclined. You can rent cars or bikes, book hotel rooms- why not adopt an apple tree?? Check out the Adopt an Apple Tree post…
          The restaurant will be open, the critters will be crittering around and we’ll have a few other things on the go…..
          Raindate is Sunday, June 2, 2013


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