Adopt an Apple Tree

blossom time

This is a brand new project for 2013- we are adopting out apple trees for you apple-holics out there! As many of you know, we are kind of addicted to living locally and appreciating what nature has to offer here in New Brunswick. Through this way of thinking, we would really like to see more local apples staying local and be enjoyed by local families- and maybe this project will help this concept along a little.

For the details: Choose which variety you would like- we welcome you to come out, check out and label your tree or you can just reserve one. During harvest- this varies by variety- we will contact you and invite you to come on out and pick your apples. We guarantee a minimum of 160 lbs of apples for you to enjoy, and will send you home with a jug of our apple cider. The cost of the adoption is $80 before Sunday, June 16th, and $100 after. We are happy to acommodate those who wish to pay over a period of time, as opposed to all at once.

our honey bees in our apple tree

This would be a great idea for a few families to get together for! Just to give you an idea of costing: We sell our apples for $1 per pound, the grocery store has been the same if not $1.25 or so…

Varieties available:

Paula Red

Jersey Mac



Red Delicious


If you are super ambitious and want one of each, we are totally open to negotiations.


2 thoughts on “Adopt an Apple Tree

  1. This is an amazing idea, and one to pass on to a large family to two. How does one store apples over the winter? Can the average person manage it in a cool (but not freezing) basement? Thanks.

    • It’s just like you said, a cool basement or garage works- we have found that perforated plastic keeps them best (a plastic bag with air holes). A fridge is optimal, but not absolutely necessary- one of our customers stores his apples in his dryer because it gets the right amount of cold… Variety plays a huge part- red deilicious will last the longest, jersey mac and paula red will have a much shorter life expectancy. Let me know if we can help further.

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