Who is Gagetown Fruit Farm?

Our apple pieOur entire life is based on food. We love to eat, and we both seem to have a natural curiosity about where stuff comes from, how to grow it, or how to make it, and of course we need to test out our products (see” love to eat”, above).Piglet!

Matt does the growing, I (Heather) do the producing of consistently random stuff from the kitchen. We help each other out quite a bit- for example: Matt has an aversion to transplanting, and I have a little kitchen rage towards peeling squash… Between the two of us, we try to get everything done (I said try for a reason)…

Colored carrots

We grow and produce as much as we possibly can. We also have a gaggle of various animal vagabonds each having their own personality and entertainment value…

Our busy bees

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